Publications in 2022



Classification of cardiac cohorts based on morphological and hemodynamic features derived from 4D PC-MRI data. Accepted as full paper at Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), 2022.

Transferability of a Battery Cell End-of-Life Prediction Model Using Survival Analysis. Energies, (15)82022. URL

Virtual Reality for Medical Annotation Tasks--A Systematic Review. Frontiers in Virtual Reality, (3)Frontiers, 2022. URL

Data-Driven Prediction of Athletes' Performance based on their Social Media Presence. Accepted as full paper at Discovery Science (DS), 2022.

Dimensions of Tinnitus-Related Distress. Brain Sciences, (12)22022. URL

Juxtaposing Medical Centers Using Different Questionnaires Through Score Predictors. In Andreas K. Maier (Eds.), Frontiers in Neuroscience, (16)Frontiers Media SA, March 2022. URL

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