Medical Mining

Medical mining is a broad research area, where mining methods are applied to solve problems of diagnostics and treatment, as well as for the understanding of disease progression. Medical mining encompasses learning on hospital records (for decision support in diagnosis and treatment), learning on healthcare-associated data, and learning on epidemiological data.

The KMD lab works mainly on epidemiological mining.

  • We cooperate with the Univ. of Ulm and the University Medicine Regensburg on methods to analyze the evolution of Tinnitus patients. We derive evolutionary patterns with respect to this chronic, still uncurable disease. Our goal is to support patients in their daily life by providing (self-)aiding measures.

Selected aspects of the KMD research on Medical Mining are partially funded through IMPRINT (model learning on multi-relational objects) and through the Innofonds of the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg (preparatory work for involvement in the main phase of the Human Brain Project).

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