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Knowledge Management & Discovery Lab

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KMD stands for "Knowledge Management and Discovery".

The KMD Lab is part of the department Technical and Business Information Systems (ITI).

The KMD Lab has been established in February 2003.


In the KMD, lab we develop and apply data mining methods for dynamic environments:

Our methods are mostly in the field of stream mining. We develop stream mining methods, methods that exploit timestamped data, and dedicated stream algorithms for recommendation engines, opinion analysis, patient records and longitudinal epidemiological data.

Our research is reflected in our teaching programme. With KMD, students learn fundamentals of data mining and recommendation engines. They learn to design and apply mining and machine learning methods in realistic applications, and get involved in our research - in teamprojects and individual projects.

All our projects are listed here.

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KMD project and seminar topics
The presentation slides of the KMD project and seminar topics are available here. Please click on the name of the respective supervisor to download the slides.
If you are interested in a topic, please send an email at the supervisor for an appointment.
For further topics, please address the KMD group.