Publications in 2019



Editorial: Towards an Understanding of Tinnitus Heterogeneity. Frontiers in aging neuroscience, (11)2019.

Temporal Density Extrapolation using a Dynamic Basis Approach.. In K. Borgwardt, Po-Ling Loh, Evimaria Terzi, and Antti Ukkonen (Eds.), Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, (Special Issue of the ECML/PKDD 2019 Journal Track)2019. URL

Ecological Momentary Assessment based Differences between Android and iOS Users of the TrackYourHearing mHealth Crowdsensing Platform. 41st Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBC), 2019.

Introduction to the special issue on social data analytics in medicine and healthcare. International Journal of Data Science and Analytics, (8)4:325--326, Nov 1, 2019. URL

Applicability of Immersive Analytics in Mixed Reality: Usability Study. IEEE Access, (7)2019.

Prospective crowdsensing versus retrospective ratings of tinnitus variability and tinnitus--stress associations based on the TrackYourTinnitus mobile platform. International Journal of Data Science and Analytics, (8)4:327--338, Nov 1, 2019. URL

Visual Analytics for Epidemiological Cohort Studies. Proc. of Eurographics Medical Price, 2019. URL

Visual Analysis of Missing Values in Longitudinal Cohort Study Data. Computer Graphics Forum, to appear, 2019. URL

Applying Machine Learning on the Daily Life Data of the TrackYourTinnitus mHealth Crowdsensing Platform Predicts the Mobile Operating System with High Accuracy. 2019.

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