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Muendliche Prüfungen KMD | oral exams KMD

Oral examinations (3rd try only) for ITO, WMS, DM4BA, RECSYS, DM I and DM II:

January 8, 2019
January 28, 2019

Registration on the lists to be found at the Examinations Office, during
the opening hours.

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Presentation of Topics for the winter Term 2018/2019

We will present topics for:

  • Master Seminars (Advanced Topics in KMD)
  • Bachelor Seminars
  • Scientific Team Projects (Master)
  • IT-Softwareprojects (Bachelor)


Bachelor: On 16.10.2018 at 09:00 s.t. in the room G29-K021

Master: Topics for Teamproject KMD and for the Master seminar "Advanced topics of KMD" on October 15th,
9:00 c.t. , in the KMD Lab. No meetings in the first week of the semester.

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Inspection of the exam papers


Inspection of the exam papers for the exams DM4BA, DM I and DM II on Wednesday, 24.10. from 14:00 - 15:30 in R130.

New dates to get an appointment to review DM4BA, DM I and DM II exams:

Monday, 29.10.2018: 1600-1800hrs

Tuesday, 30.10.2018: 1000-1200hrs

Thursday, 01.11.2018: 1300-1500hrs

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New course: Data Science with R

22.08.2018 -

In the upcoming winter term, we offer a new master seminar "Data Science with R". Check the course website for more information.

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A change in DM II

Attention! A change for DM II:

- Course of Tuesday, June 12 is shifted to Thursday, June 14.
- Exercise of Thursday, June 14 is shifted to Tuesday, June 12,
  and is devoted to the discussion of the survey for the "default

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