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'Open Challenges for Data Stream Mining Research' selected as notable article

01.07.2015 -

The article "Open Challenges for Data Stream Mining Research", published in ACM SIGKDD Explorations has been selected as "notable article in computing in 2014".

Quoting Lindsay Weaker from ACM Computing Reviews: "We would like to acknowledge and congratulate you for the selection of 'Open challenges for data stream mining research' as a notable article in computing in 2014. Computing Reviews' 19th Annual Best of Computing list consists of book and article nominations from our reviewers, CR category editors, the editors in chief of journals we cover, and others in the computing community. (...) Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the computing community.".

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Student Reseach Award for Uli Niemann

14.01.2015 -

The faculty of computer science Magdeburg has awarded KMD staff member Uli Niemann the faculty's 2014 Student Research Award for the article

U. Niemann, H. Völzke, J.-P. Kühn, and M. Spiliopoulou. Learning and inspecting classification rules from longitudinal epidemiological data to identify predictive features on hepatic steatosis. Expert Systems with Applications, (41)11:5405-5415, Elsevier BV, September 2014.

The article was written within the frame of scientific individual project during Uli's Master study of Business Information Systems and employs data from the Study of Health in Pomerania (SHIP). This work is a cooperation of the KMD research lab with the University Medicine Greifswald.

The prestigious journal Expert Systems with Applications (ESWA) from Elsevier emphasises on artificial intelligence and machine learning methods with a special focus on challenging practical applications. The article was submitted on 25.10.2013 and accepted on 20.02.2014. ESWA has an Impact Factor of 1.965 (2013) and a Five-Year Impact Factor of 2.254.

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OvGU-Lehrpreis 2014 für Summerschool Lernende Systeme/ Biocomputing

14.11.2014 -

Das Proseminar Summerschool Lernende Systeme / Biocomputing erhält den Otto-von-Guericke-Lehrpreis 2014, welcher diesjährig unter dem Schwerpunkt Interdisziplinarität ausgeschrieben wurde. Stellvertretend für alle Beteiligten werden die Initiatoren Dr. Krempl, Prof. Tönnies, Prof. Spiliopoulou und PD Dr. Reinhard König am 20.11.2014 für Ihre Leistung im Rahmen des Tags der Lehre geehrt. Die Summerschool ist die Einführungsveranstaltung des Profilstudiengangs "Lernende Systeme/Biocomputing", bei der die Studierenden die unterschiedlichen Forschungsansätze der verschiedenen Disziplinen Informatik, Neurowissenschaften, Psychologie und Biologie kennenlernen.

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Workshop @ RealStream 2013

01.09.2013 -

The workshop Real-World Challenges for Data Stream Mining, co-organized by Georg Krempl, will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, 27 September 2013 at the ECML/PKDD 2013. An outline of the workshop and further information can be found at the workshop's supplementary site.

Christian Czarnecki defends his Phd.

25.06.2013 -

 We are happy to announce that Christian Czarnecki has defended his Phd Thesis.

Congratulations to Christian!

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